What is PAT Testing and Why Is It Important?

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Electrical equipment is designed with our safety in mind, but it does require regular testing to make sure it’s up to the high standards set by health and safety legislation. Many of these measures are enforced as a legal requirement for businesses and landlords and PAT testing is just one of the regular maintenance checks which should be carried out across the country.

Unfortunately, electrical accidents can happen in both your home or workplace, but measures such as PAT testing help to dramatically reduce the chances of any harm, so if you’re confused about what PAT testing and why it’s so important, then read on for our handy guide.

What is a PAT test?

PAT testing is the common abbreviation for Portable Appliance Testing and it’s the recognised way for businesses and workplaces to ensure that their electronic equipment is safe for use. PAT tests are a type of routine inspection (both visual and using more in-depth specialist equipment), to check for any faults and prevent electrical accidents in the workplace.

PAT testing is required for any appliance with a plug that connects to a wall socket or generator, including fridge freezers, computers, kettles, printers, electric tools and much more. There are seven categories of PAT testing, including fixed appliances, stationary appliances, IT appliances, and cables and chargers.

Why is PAT testing important?

PAT tests are essential to ensure the safety of any electrical appliances in a workplace or public building and to ensure that these safety standards are being maintained. There’s no legal requirement to carry out the tests in themselves, but UK legislation states that businesses and landlords must keep all electrical equipment in a safe condition.

This obligation also extends to the safety of all employees and the general public, therefore PAT testing has become the most commonly recognised way to fulfil this requirement. Regular PAT testing can also help to extend the life of your appliances and reduce the need for major repairs or replacement in the future.

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