Existing Customers Refer a Friend
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It is as easy as that!

To receive a £50 voucher of your choice, you simply must give your friend this discount code TBMES21 to use when booking their new boiler installation and we’ll send you your voucher when your friend’s boiler gets installed, they will get £50.00 off their new boiler or get a voucher.

Here’s how it works...
Step 1: Send your friend this code, TBMES21 via email with referrals@tbmes.co.uk copied in (cc).
Step 2: Your friend should then purchase a boiler with the voucher code, TBMES21 - saving £50 on their order or get a voucher of their choice.
Step 3: Once your friend’s installation is all done, we’ll send you a £50 voucher of your choice.

Sounds too good to be true: Not at all, we know after lockdown you would like a bit of freedom and enjoy your cash on good meal or a weekend away, so that is why we are helping out a friend.  If you have any questions, do contact us for more information.

So let’s keep it simple:

  1. You refer your friend by sending them the code, TBMES21
    To: (enter your friends email address)
    cc: referrals@tbmes.co.uk
  2. Your friends book their new boiler installation with us.
  3. Boiler gets installed with £50.00 off or a voucher and you get your voucher by email when job has been completed.

Terms and conditions

  • Must be an existing customer of T.B. Mackay Energy Services.
  • The offer is not valid in conjunction with any other offer, promotion, or discount.
  • One discount code only per customer and per order.
  • Offer is valid on Heating packages.
  • The offer will not be applied retrospectively so customers must make sure to send through the code when booking the boiler installation.
  • Your gift voucher will be sent to you by email within 45 days of your friend’s boiler charger being installed.

If you would like any help or more information, please get in touch with our team at referrals@tbmes.co.uk