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Projects: Newtongrange

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In conjunction with Castle Rock Edinvar Housing Association, we were asked to design a sustainable domestic heating solution as a retro fit installation. A semidetached brick built minors cottage was chosen as the subject to see what could be achieved in an older property.

Firstly, thermal imaging was used to identify where most heat loss occurred from the property. Next, to improve the heat loss from the building, ‘A Rated’ double glazed units and ‘A Rated’ front and back doors were fitted. A heat recovery unit was also installed to distribute fresh air round the house and remove stale air from the kitchen and bathroom.

An air source heat pump coupled to a buffer tank in the attic was used to supply space heating. This was connected to an overlay under floor heating system. This is zoned between rooms and allows the tenant individual heating control of each part of the house. The hot water is provided by a 300 litre unvented hot water cylinder. This is heated by solar collectors on the roof as well as its own air source heat pump taking unused warm air from the attic and turning it into stored hot water.

The installation was closely monitored for the first year of operation and delivered substantial savings on fuel costs to the tenant.