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Projects: East Lothian

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This home in East Lothian was extended and required an energy efficient heating solution to replace the existing oil fired boiler, which would no longer meet requirements. The remit included ensuring renewable technology be utilised to conserve energy, helping to reduce both energy bills and the carbon footprint.

We designed in-house and installed a biomass heating solution to heat both the existing and new house. The heating system, a two boiler module of Grant Condensing Biomass Boilers, was located in an external outbuilding, feeding underground into the house, to provide five fully controlled heating zones, two of these zones being underfloor heating.

The biomass system burns wood pellets and these are stored in an external hopper that feeds the boiler automatically, requiring minimal maintenance. The hopper is filled every couple of months, as required, by the local pellet supplier.

Domestic hot water is divided between two tanks located at each side of the house. The main hot water cylinder is connected to solar thermal panels that are installed on the roof. In Summer-time, the solar panels take over the hot water heating, while the biomass heating system is used as a backup, saving both fuel and energy.