HYDROGEN BOILERS: What it means for you, simple terms

In News by Thea Vermeulen

You might have heard about the UK Government net zero target, boiler bands and hydrogen boilers, it’s a lot to take in and can be very over whelming. That is why we want to take a moment of your time and break it down in more simpler terms of why it’s happening, when the changes are likely to start and what it means for you and your home. So, let’s get started.

Are gas boilers being banned?
No, Gas boilers will not be banned from 2025. It is likely however, that new build properties from 2025 will not achieve the 75% – 80% carbon reduction targets they have been given with a gas-fired boiler. Consequently, it is likely that new build properties will be heated with a renewable heating technology such as a heat pump.

What does the UK Government net zero target by 2050 actually mean?
Net zero 2050 refers to the country producing net zero carbon emissions by that year. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that ‘no’ carbon will be produced and released into the atmosphere. Instead, technology, and in some cases, nature will be utilised to ensure that the carbon released into the atmosphere is ‘offset’ elsewhere.

Can I still replace my old gas boiler? And do I need to replace it before 2025?
Yes you can replace your existing gas-fired boiler and no, you don’t have to do this before 2025. There is talk that only gas-fired boilers that can be connected to a hydrogen gas supply can be purchased in the future, there is yet though no legislation or policy changes in place. If it becomes the case that only hydrogen-ready boilers can be placed onto the market in the future then rest assured, Worcester Bosch will have a full range of hydrogen ready boilers available.

What does ‘Hydrogen blend ready’ mean?
Nearly all gas appliances that are in use today, including our boilers, are able to run on a mixture of hydrogen and natural gas. This is called a ‘blend’ and sees 20% of the fuel source powering the appliance being hydrogen gas, with the remaining 80% being natural gas.

This means, that when the government begins to increase the amount of ‘green gases’ into the UK gas grid, your customers can be confident their new gas boiler will run for its lifetime without any wholesale changes to switch to an electric boiler for example.

What is a Hydrogen Boiler?
The boiler is very similar to its natural gas predecessors; it is constructed and functions in much the same way as an existing condensing boiler. While some components are distinct, such as the flame detector, most are identical to those used in natural gas boilers today.

Converting a hydrogen-ready boiler from natural gas to hydrogen will take around an hour and involve changing a couple of components such as the burner. It is envisaged that Gas-Safe engineers will be trained to work with hydrogen by a qualification scheme similar to that available today for LPG.

What does the future of heating look like?
There are a number of great options to look at when you think of heating for the future. These include storage heating and potentially hydrogen-ready boilers. We can assist you with all options, contact us for the best solution for you.

If you would like to get more information about the hydrogen-ready boiler or any of the other heating options above, please feel free to contact us today on 0131 5522 6103 or email us. We’ve been established for over 85 years and our team of in-house engineers and trades people can respond to all your central heating, servicing, faulty boilers, boiler changes and electrical work.