Boiler Making a Noise That Makes You Nervous?

In News by Thea Vermeulen

If your boiler is making a strange noise, there might be something wrong and it could be that it needs to be repaired. If it’s an older model, you may even need to get a new boiler.

But let’s go through the different type of noises and what they could mean.

Loud banging noises
If your boiler is making loud banging noises, it may be the result of a faulty thermostat or a build-up of debris on the boiler’s heat exchanger. If there is a build-up of debris, you’ll need a qualified professional to carry out a power flush. A power flush removes the sludge in your system, preventing blockages and heating inefficiency.

Vibrating noises
A boiler that’s making vibrating noises could be the result of loose brackets that need tightening. You’ll be able to tighten the brackets yourself, but a Gas Safe registered heating engineer will need to diagnose the issue if this doesn’t stop the vibrating noises.

Whistling noise
Whistling noises can be caused by kettling, loss of water or air is trapped within your system. If it is trapped air, you can easily fix this by bleeding your radiators.

If you don’t feel comfortable bleeding your radiator, you should call a Gas Safe engineer to carry out a repair. When they bleed your radiators, they’ll also find out what caused air to become trapped in the boiler and perform the appropriate repairs.

Buzzing and whining
If you can hear a buzzing or whining noise from within your boiler, that is often a worn pump bearing, a defective burner or vibrating fans. All of which will need a skilled Gas Safe Registered engineer to diagnose and repair the issue.

This is a serious problem and your boiler should be booked in for a repair as soon as possible.

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