DIY SOS: The Big Build with Children in Need

T.B. Mackay Energy Services Ltd supplied 4 electricians and 6 heating engineers who provided 10 days labour to the BBC’s charity ‘Children in Need’ featured in the BBC One special programme ‘DIY SOS: The Big Build with Children in Need’, helping to transform The Yard Scotland, a centre for disabled children in Edinburgh. As part of the life changing transformation to the centre we installed a new heating system, incorporating solar panels and efficient condensing boilers, kindly donated by our preferred manufacturers Worcester Bosch.

DIY SOS: The Big Build Children in Need Special was shown on BBC One on Wednesday the 14th November 2012.P

Additionally, congratulations to Sean Doherty, T.B. Mackay’s Service Director, who completed the Bupa Great Edinburgh Run 10k on Sunday the 7th October 2012. Proceeds raised went to the BBC’s charity ‘Children in Need’.

Please note the images shown at the top of this page are from our Haiti charity work.


Following the devastating earthquake that affected Haiti in January 2010 and the worldwide media coverage that followed it, T.B. Mackay’s Service Director Sean Doherty decided to temporarily trade in the office desktop for a wheelbarrow when he volunteered with a U.S. based NGO, All Hands Volunteers, for a three week placement in Leogane, Haiti to assist with the rubble clearance effort.

Having found the relief work experience so highly rewarding and realising how much work there was still to be done, he decided that in July 2011 he would make a return to the troubled nation.

Sean’s extensive vocational trades knowledge and skills were able to secure him a position with a British-registered charity, European Disaster Volunteers. He would be based in the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince and on this occasion, Sean would be there for three months.

Speaking of his time working with EDV he said, “Having joined a smaller organisation than the one I was with last year, and having planned to be there for a longer period of time, it gave me a good chance to integrate more with the people of the organisation, the local volunteers and most importantly directly with the people on the projects that we were working on”.

EDV was founded in 2008 and as a growing aid organisation it allows volunteers the chance to get involved in a variety of projects that they may not have otherwise been presented with in the larger NGO’s. As a result, Sean found himself working on five different building sites, ranging from classroom construction, laying tin roofs, re-building secure school walls and various other building works at an orphanage that the group has an on-going improvement programme with.

It is at this orphanage that Sean dedicated a large portion of his time, to demolishing and re-building a perimeter wall, moving water storage tanks, and refurbing and relocating the main entrance to allow full access before the next stage of the programme took place, which is to improve the internal grounds to provide the children a more hygienic, safer and child-friendly environment to spend their time in.

“The work there is vital because it is an overcrowded orphanage with very poor facilities for the young children whose home this now is. Hygiene and sanitation are real issues which in turn bring along severe health problems for them”.

Although working out in the sweltering heat in temperatures often averaging in the high 30’s and the nights offering little respite, as well as diligently bleaching everything including his fruit and vegetables to ward off typhoid and cholera, Sean still found it a thoroughly worthwhile opportunity.

To summarise his time out there, the whole experience and the people he met:

“In response to the natural disasters that have happened and continue to happen throughout the world, often it only takes a moment to decide to do something different and to actually go out and do it. Having made that decision after watching the devastation unfolding across news channels in January 2010, I took that step and spent 3 weeks in the country and returned again to further assist in 2011. I can honestly say that any volunteer project, for any cause, anywhere in the world, is a worthwhile thing for anyone who wishes to get involved. The actual act of giving up one’s own time to directly meet and help victims is such a rewarding thing to do and a life-changing experience for all that do so.

The Haitian people, after all they have gone through with the earthquake and the cholera outbreak, are such wonderful and proud people who seem to take each day and all the struggles that come their way, in such an uplifting way. For me, they are a true inspiration, especially when you realise everything that we have here at home is sometimes, if not often, taken for granted. It was a pleasure to share my time with them and hopefully I have helped in their recovery, (even if in a small way), of these tragic things that have happened”.

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Further information about the ongoing project at the orphanage can be viewed on the European Disaster Volunteers website.

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