A Brief Guide To Biomass Heating From a Boiler Engineer

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There are many ways to power your home in an energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly way. Doing so helps to protect the world from climate change and can also save you money. Biomass heating is just one way of doing so. Here, we provide a brief guide to biomass energy and its benefits from the point of view of a boiler engineer.

Explanation From a Boiler Engineer of Biomass Heating

The term biomass is an abbreviation for biological mass. The term defines a type of fuel which is derived from a natural source. Wood, for example, is a form of biomass fuel. Biomass heating replaces fossil fuels in a boiler or other heating system with biological fuels and is, therefore, a more renewable and energy-efficient form of heating.

The Benefits of Biomass Heating

1. Environmentally-Friendly

First and foremost, biomass heating is a more environmentally-friendly source of energy than a fossil-fuel-based boiler. Biomass energy is considered carbon-neutral as the amount of CO2 emitted is the same that is absorbed over the years the wood was growing.

2. Stable Fuel Prices and Government-Based Financial Support Can Save Money

The price of wood is far less volatile than the price of coal and oil and is often much cheaper. As well as this, biomass heaters can benefit from government-led financial support via the ‘Renewable Heat Incentive.

3. You Can Use Waste Wood

Finally, if you have any waste wood in your home, this can be used in your biomass heater. By using wood that may have gone unused anyway, you are saving money on fuel costs and reducing unnecessary waste.

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